Will Fantasy Hike work with my Apple Watch?

Yes. Just make sure that Fantasy Hike has access to your Apple Health “Running + Walking Distance” data.

Will Fantasy Hike work with my Fitbit device?

Short answer

You can use a third-party app to sync your Fitbit data to Apple Health and this will work ok. However, make sure that your third-party app supports synching the "Walking + Running Distance" data.

Long answer

Fantasy Hike does currently not integrate directly with Fitbit. We are hoping we will be able to do a Fitbit integration in the future.

However if the data from Fitbit is reported to Apple Health then Fantasy Hike can pick it up from there. Unfortunately Fitbit does not report the data to Apple Health but there are several third-party apps available for this.

The third party apps that we have tried reports one long ‘walking activity’ that spans the complete day. Fantasy Hike has previously had problems picking up data reported this way from Apple Health but that issue has been resolved in version 1.2.3.

However when walking activity is reported this way Apple Health will distribute the distance throughout the complete day and this has some side-effects.

  • Apple Health will have a harder time merging the walking data from your Fitbit device with that from your iPhone. The result may be that the distance is Apple Health sometimes is greater than your actual walking distance.
  • Some of the stats in Fantasy Hike (such as ‘Early mornings’) are based on when during the day you walk. If data is distributed to all the hours of the day these stats will not work correctly.
  • Fantasy Hike will not pick up data that is ‘in the future’. This can result in Fantasy Hike ‘lagging behind’ during the day but eventually be on track again at midnight.

You walk 2.4 miles at 9am. This activity is reported by third-party app as “5 miles between 12 am and 12 pm” and is distributed evenly through the 24 hours, 0.1 miles each hour. At 10 am Fantasy Hike will ‘pick up’ the distance from the first 10 hours of the day and report a total walk distance of 1 mile. At 4 pm Fantasy Hike will pick up the first 16 hours and report 1.6 miles. At 12pm Fantasy Hike will pick up all the 24 hours and your total distance for the day will be correct, 2.4 miles.

If you know a Fitbit synch app that reports “Walking + Running distance” to Apple Health in a more detailed manner, please let us know!

You can see how an app reports data to Apple Health here:

Health App -> Sharing Tab -> Apps -> {Name of App} -> Data from {Name of App} -> Walking + Running Distance
Will Fantasy Hike work with my Garmin device?

Short answer

Not well. Sorry :(

Long answer

Garmin Connect reports walking and running distance to Apple Health were Fantasy Hike can pick it up. However in our testing(1) Garmin Connect unfortunately reports the walking and running data without any proper start or end time, which is quite incompatible with Apple Health. Garmin does not seem very keen on addressing this issue.

This can result in that you get a much greater distance in Apple Health than what you’ve actually walked. Unfortunately the error in distance can be even greater in Fantasy Hike, this is due to Garmin Connect writing and re-writing the current day’s walking history in Apple Health every time it synchs.

Fantasy Hike does not integrate directly with Garmin’s own interfaces and has no plan to do so in the near future. We simply do not have the resources to maintain it.

If you still want to use Fantasy Hike with your Garmin device and with correct walking distance then one option is too not allow Garmin Connect to share “Walking + Running distance” to Apple Health and instead enter the data manually.

(1) We have tested with a limited set of Garmin devices.

How do I report data manually?

Fantasy Hike does not yet have a way to report data manually directly in the app. However you can report data manually in the Health App and then Fantasy Hike will ‘pick it up’ from there.

You can report data manually here:

Health App -> Summary Tab -> ‘Walking + Running Distance’ -> Add Data (in the title bar)
How can I check if Fantasy Hike is integrated with Apple Health?

You can do this in the Health app:

Health App -> Sharing Tab -> Apps -> Fantasy Hike

Then verify that Fantasy Hike is allowed to read Walking + Running Distance.

How are the 'Seconds Breakfasts' and other stats calculated?

Here is a quick summary of how they are calculated:

  • Late mornings: If your first registered movement of the day is after a certain time in the morning.
  • Second Breakfast: If you have moved around, but then take a break between certain times in the morning.
  • Elevenses: Similar to second breakfast but somewhat later.
  • Afternoon Tea: Also similar but in the afternoon.
What does the 'Paddling Bonus' mean?

During some parts of your quest your hafling avatar will travel by boat. Paddling down-streams would typically move you quite much faster than normal walking. When the paddling bonus is turned on you will receive extra bonus distance in the quest for all distance you walk in real life. The bonus varies depending on the conditions of the (in-game) river but is generally a factor of 2x to 5x your real life walking distance.

The bonus distance will only affect your progress in the quest, it will not show on any of your Quest Stats.


Fantasy Hike registers too few miles

Fantasy Hike can pick up distance from the Motion & Fitness framework as well as from Apple Health.

  • Verify that Fantasy Hike has access to Motion & Fitness. You do this on the Settings Tab in Fantasy Hike
  • Verify that Fantasy Hike has access to data from Apple Health. You do this in the Health app: Health App -> Sharing Tab -> Apps -> Fantasy Hike. Then verify that Fantasy Hike is allowed to read Walking + Running Distance.
  • Compare the distance in Fantasy Hike with the “Walking + Running Distance” in Apple Health. Since Fantasy Hike can pick up distance also from Motion & Fitness the distance can vary slightly but Fantasy Hike should not report a distance that is significantly lower than the distance in Apple Health.
Fantasy Hike registers too many miles

We have only encountered this issue together with Garmin devices. If you have a Garmin device please read the ‘Will Fantasy Hike work with my Garmin device’ question for more details.

My Quest seems to have restarted? What do I do?

In some previous versions of Fantasy Hike a defect that could occur during very rare conditions could cause a corruption in the quest database that gives the impression of the quest starting over from the beginning but still with the same start date and all achievements intact.

The good news is that all distance registered both before and after the defect occurred is still stored in the database, only corrupted. Follow these steps to get back on track:

  1. On the Settings Tab in Fantasy Hike chose ‘Export Quest’ and export your quest to a file.
  2. Make sure that you update to the latest version of Fantasy Hike. You can do this in the App Store.
  3. On the Settings Tab in Fantasy Hike chose ‘Import Quest’ and select the file that you exported.
  4. During import Fantasy Hike will correct the errors in the quest database and your progress will include the distance that you walked both before and after the defect occurred.

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